Monday, February 25, 2008

How things should things are...

I don't really wanna draw attention to it...but I kinda missed an update despite my resolve not to.

I just decided that better than chasing the deadlines around the week so I could not miss that one...I'd accept the fact and work towards bringing the Thursday update back a week before.

It has more or less the same the same effect! :)

EDIT: Yeap...propably missing an update for April 14th too...I thought I might have it ready for Thursday at least but disagrees with me...*sighs*

Monday, February 04, 2008

About updates and exams sweet is the time of exams...sweet because they are probably the last exams I'll have to least for a looooooong time!!

I'll still have to work on my thesis after this but I'll have no class attendance to do and no additional projects so yay!

How does that concern you though? Is this some kind of (god forbid) rant?!

Well I got good news...even with exams these weeks I won't stop updating...the updates will be slow to come due to me making the pages between studying but they won't be missed!

The further good news are that with the end of the semester we should "soon" bring back the Thursday comic update :)

I will take advantage of one-week updates a bit longer though so I can build up a nice cozy buffer first :D

Monday, January 07, 2008

The best laid plans

Let's see...hmm...

My photoshop kinda died...I have to attend the funeral and try ancient voodoo rituals to bring it back from the beyond. Thus...the page will be late!

I stress "late" and not missed! Could take a couple of days but the page will come! I am already feeling bad about weekly updates, I won't start missing them too!!

Still...I haven't had a comic break in a long while so I guess you'll forgive me for a small delay.